How It Works

Hiring a team of highly qualified British academic expert is the first and foremost step made to establish an honest and effective system of writing custom essays for students.

When the panel of writers gets large enough, time comes to accept first bids. Place an order now – and you’ll see how fast a new paper is taken into work. As a rule, a standard essay is prepared in 5 hours or even less. All in all, there’re three steps you have to go through to get a new essay done.

Step 1 – Fill in the Order form

What kind of paper do you need? How many pages? What is a topic? How soon do you need it? Simply give it a couple of minute to fill all the form fields in and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Pick a payment method and verify your order

Pay attention to billing options available. PerfectEssayHelp cooperates with all major internet payment services, so you can choose the right provider, as well as make a payment for your essay by card. After that a manager will call you up to verify the order. Everything’s right? Here goes step number three!

Step 3 – Wait till a paper is written

Since we finish off every assignment from scratch, you’ll have to wait till an agreed deadline when your essay or composition will be ready. A writer has to make a research on your topic, fetch an outline, look up proper pieces of evidence and quotes, and then prepare a draft. When job is done – the paper is yours.

Quick tip for savvy students

Note that placing orders in advance is highly recommended. Although we’ll still put a finger on your urgent paper, it’s always better to know a writer has enough time to do things right. Being in a hurry is never a good option even if you’re a person with years of experience with essays in a portfolio. So, one more time – please look to order papers in advance!